Who We Are

Ashtavinayak Hydrocarbon Ltd.  operates Gas Processing Plant located at Kwale, Delta State – Nigeria. Our Gas Processing Plant is designed with state-of-the-art Cryogenic technology in which we process 125MMSCFD Natural gas to produce Sales Gas & Value-added liquid hydrocarbons like Propane & Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) with a current capacity of about 600MTPD.

In addition to existing Gas Processing plant, there are two ambitious upcoming projects to extend our gas processing capacity up to 1BCF per day to increase the total liquid hydrocarbon production capacity up to 2000MT per day.

Processed Natural gas is exported to the customers across Nigeria through NGMC pipeline.  Liquid Hydrocarbon products are transported via appropriately designed tankers across Nigeria.

With our extensive experience in Hydrocarbon supply chain, Ashtavinayak Hydrocarbon Ltd., leads in providing clean and affordable Energy for power generation, industrial usage, drive automotive & domestic cooking in Nigeria.

Our projects support the Nigeria’s vision to have zero Flaring of Hydrocarbon gasses and to create a greener environment. We are contributing to the national employment and economic growth in Nigeria.

Our operations meet the highest Safety Standards in the Oil & Gas Industry. Our internal processes are designed for continuous improvement to achieve Excellence in Safety, Reliability and Cost Optimization.