Health, Safety and Environment


We are highly committed to Personal & Process Safety. We strive for the Safety of Personnel, Company Assets, Local communities, and the Environment in all our operations.

The philosophy of our operations is based on verifiable and reportable systems. Our HSE policy adopts industry standard Best-practices and effective implementation of Safety Processes. We comply to audit requirements and continuously improve HSE by implementing value-adding recommendations. We aim to create a positive HSE culture among employees, our host communities, and other stakeholders.

Policy Objectives

We review, implement, and continuously improve the organization-wide Health, Safety, and Environment Management System.

We maintain an adequate and effective Emergency Response Plan (ERP) to control, mitigate, and recover from any emergency (incident or accident), Crisis, and Business Disruption.

We ensure that AHL’s HSE policy is made available to all employees and stakeholders who shall be required to understand its objectives.

AHL’s HSE Management System is a set of policies, standards, work plans, and procedures that are used by us in conducting operations.

Life-saving Rules

Our life-saving rules are based on internationally accepted best practices. They express our HSE standards and communicate critical requirements to workers, visitors, and contractors. Our employees comply to all HSE rules naturally which are considered as important life-saving rules.

We celebrate our success in Safety

Safety is one of our core values and we are proud of our safety statistics. We have achieved 1.5 million manhours without LTI in our 24 months of GPP Operations.