Our Assets

AHL has set up a state-of-the-art Gas Processing Plant in Kwale, Delta State with a capacity to process 125 Million Standard Cubic Feet Per Day (MMSCFD) of Natural Gas. Commercial production commenced in October 2020 and is currently operating above 100% production capacity by highly professional and committed workforce.

Ashtavinayak hydrocarbon is also producing and marketing LPG and CNG to customers across Nigeria. The facility consists of several units like Inlet Separation, Amine Treatment, Dehydration, Cryogenic Liquefaction, Fractionation, Mechanical Refrigeration, Storage Facilities, Loading and Dispatch. The Utility scope consists of  Power Generation Unit, Instrument Air, Fuel Gas Unit and Fire Water System, Therminol-55 Tulsa Heater Hot Oil Units and Gas Compression.