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AHL is in the process of constructing an ultra-modern Gas Processing Plant in Kwale, Ndokwa West Local Government Area of Delta State …

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Our Contribution

At Ashtavinayak Hydrocarbon Limited, we understand the importance of inclusiveness and taking care of the communities we work in …

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Commitment to safety

We share the responsibility to keep everyone safe and although we invest in world-class safety technologies,

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    Clean Energy

    As the world drifts slowly into endless pollution from so many sources, there is a resounding responsibility on everyone in the planet to commit to processes that give hope in every way.

    As a midstream Gas company, Ashtavinayak Hydrocarbon Limited (AHL) endeavours to implement and encourage industry best practices to ensure the most minimal possible degradation of the environment. Our activities as an enterprise provides quality and safe energy sources for home and industrial uses.

    Beyond sticking to safe practices and the support for clean energy through our services, AHL is fully committed to researches that seek for answers to current questions on clean energy. We are completely committed to finding options and alternative energy sources that are safe in the environment and provide hope to all in the planet.