Code of conduct

Message from CEO’s desk:

In pursuit of our Vision, Mission based on our Core Values, we are committed to create an environment of Trust, Integrity & collaboration with Customer as our key focus, delivering Excellence in all our business and creating Sustainable Value for each Stakeholder, Community and the Nation at large.

The Code of Conduct and Business Ethics Policy (the Code) elucidate the path and serves the foundation for the ethical conduct of our Organization. It’s one of the primary duty of us to make ourselves familiar with them. This code redefines the expected behaviour of employees and stakeholders with each other.

The Code represents our ethical aspirations and commitment towards our stakeholders. All our employees and associates at every level and across every area of our businesses shall uphold the highest ethical standards in their day to day activities.

The codes have been designed to help each one of us making the right decisions and remain true to our core values and business principles. Failure to follow this Code will call for disciplinary action as may be appropriate and decided by management including termination of services or contract.

As employees/ associates of the organization, our interactions with one another are to be guided by these principles. In order to make this a living document, each member of the organization must commit to these standards and promote its values & principles.

Thank you for your commitment.


Chief Executive Officer


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